What makes us different

Alignment of incentives

The team is dedicated 100% to Iberis Capital. The partners have a significant amount of their net worth invested with Iberis in its funds.

High performance

Iberis Capital recruits from the top universities and the best experts in the financial sector in Portugal. Our team has extensive experience managing investments in the country, with excellent performances.

No conflict of interests

Strict avoidance of any transactions between funds or having co-investments that are not pari passu.

Independence and compliance

Iberis Capital is subjected to robust compliance processes and registered at the Portuguese authority CMVM. Decision independence is built-in: the partners are the company’s only shareholders, under a strict one partner – one vote system, and no investor represents more than 10% of the Assets Under Management.

What make us different

What we value

Integrity in the relations with all parties

Analytical rigour in the evaluation of opportunities

Flexibility and technical capability in structuring transactions

Commitment, ability and capacity to create value in portfolio companies

Capillarity in the origination of deals


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