Experience, Talent & High-Performance

The Iberis Capital team has broad and complementary experience in managing companies and investments in different industries. This knowledge allows us to identify and execute attractive investments with excellent returns potential, capitalising on existing opportunities in the Portuguese economy.

Composed of the top talent in Portugal, the team ensures analytical rigour, capacity to execute unique deals, ability to build operational value in portfolio companies and the highest level of service in the relationship with our investors.


Meet the team

A collective vision for investment opportunities in the Portuguese market.

Luís Quaresma
Diogo Chalbert
João Henriques
David Pinheiro
Filipa Choon
Isabel Rodrigues
João Bandeira
João Sousa Mendes
Fernando Gonçalves
Luísa Queirós
José Jonet
Mara Martins
Pedro Silva
Filipe Matos
Ricardo Bandeira Costa
Jorge Gouveia
Francisco Cerveira
Diogo Reis
Tiago Ferreira
Mafalda Alegria
Ilona Shapovalova
Adriano Canedo
Beatriz Filipe
Sandra Tavares

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