About Iberis
About Iberis


Portuguese Private Equity and Venture Capital

Iberis Capital is a Private Equity and Venture Capital fund manager founded in 2017 by four partners with a shared vision of the available opportunities in the Portuguese economy and the opportunity to build a true professional partnership in the Portuguese private equity landscape. Iberis Capital currently has +€570M AuM and a diversified investor base, with more than 1,200 investors. The company mainly operates across three areas: Mid-Market Private Equity, Venture Capital and Yielding Investments. Since its inception, Iberis funds have demonstrated solid performances, generating attractive returns for the institutional, corporate and private investors that trust us with their investments.

Our Story
Portugal Yield Fund



Iberis Capital was founded to capitalise on the investment opportunities of the Portuguese Market.

About Iberis 2018


€40M AUM

Iberis increased the value of its assets under management and made its first investments.

About Iberis 2019


€120M AUM

The value of managed assets is tripled compared to the previous year.

About Iberis 2020


€200M AUM

Iberis continues its rapid growth, ending the year with a highly talented team of 14 people.

About 2017


€250M AUM

Iberis increased the value of its assets under management by 25% compared to the previous year, simultaneously growing its team to 17 people

About Iberis


€425M AUM

Iberis continues to increase its assets under management, closing the year above €425M an increase of 70% compared to the previous year


€570M AUM

Iberis closed the year 2023 with €570M of assets under management, while growing the team to 22 people

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A Distinct Approach

High Performance

A high-performance team

Extensive experience and verifiable, excellent track records from the partners. The best private equity team in the country, with top 10% students from leading universities.


Exclusively dedicated to Iberis

The partners and the entire team are exclusively dedicated to Iberis Capital. Over 90% of assets under management in core growth, buyout and innovation funds (Bluetech and Greytech).


Fully independent and compliant

Iberis Capital is subjected to solid compliance processes and registered at the Portuguese securities market commission (CMVM). We are also fully independent and have implemented robust checks and balances in investments and management: the partners hold 100% of the capital; we have a highly diversified investor base with no investor holding more than 10% of AUM; the partners collectively make decisions; no partner is unmovable or has special decision rights (formal or informal).


Majority of the net worth of partners invested in Iberis Funds

Partners invested in all funds managed by Iberis. Co-participation in the funds guarantees a perfect alignment of incentives.


Iberis Capital has delivered consistent results and returns to over 1000 investors who trust us with their investments





Approach values

What we value

Integrity in the relations with all parties

Analytical rigour in the evaluation of opportunities

Flexibility and technical capability in structuring transactions

Commitment, ability and capacity to create value in portfolio companies

Capillarity in the origination of deals


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