Yielding in nature and backed by real estate

The Portugal Yield Fund II investments are yielding and backed by real estate assets oriented to cash flow generation. The Fund aims at a conservative profile, similar to real estate investment.

Iberis set up this Fund to allow its investors to apply for the Portuguese Golden Visa, which grants residency in Portugal, free travel in the EU area and a path to citizenship in five years.


As the latest national budget has limited investments for Golden Visa purposes in the main urban areas, many investors are now looking more intently to the alternative of investing in funds as a way to access the residency by investment (Golden Visa) program.

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An excellent edge for different objectives

Investing for

Pure Investment Purposes

The Fund is an excellent option for investors who want to invest in yielding assets with a strong bias to real estate property for pure investment purposes. It provides a hassle-free approach and spares the investor of the management & financial load involved in the direct ownership of real estate properties.

Investing for


The Fund provides diversification for investors seeking a diversified, low risk & transparent exposure to the Portuguese property and other yielding assets (e.g. concessions, renewable energy) managed by experienced local Portuguese real estate & private equity investment managers with a solid global experience & outreach.

Investing for

No-hassle Golden Visa

The Fund provides a clearly defined investment ticket for the investor wishing to apply to the Golden Visa program. It does not have “add-on” expenses (broker fees, legal fees, annual property taxes & maintenance expenses, among others) other than pre-stated visa fees that have to be paid directly to the government over an extended period.

Lisbon - Portugal

Investment Strategy

Real Estate Backed Businesses

The Fund seeks diversified and transparent exposure to Portuguese real estate. The investment strategy stipulates that at least 80% of total assets be yield generating Real Estate assets, with an option to invest the remaining 20% in other yielding businesses with solid asset coverage.

It provides Golden Visa investors with an attractive alternative to direct real estate investment, with several advantages:

  • Higher transparency into the asset values by investing in a regulated, audited fund with independently appraised assets and full transparency on commissions
  • Hassle-free approach avoiding the management and financial load of overseeing the properties, managing rentals, paying taxes and management costs associated with property ownership
  • Financial commitment of €500k
  • Underlying assets in large urban areas, at a price point not inflated by golden visa demand


Target net yield for the Portugal Yield Fund


Percentage of the Fund invested in yield generating Real Estate assets


Percentage of the Fund invested in generating businesses with strong asset coverage (e.g. infrastructure, concessions)

Key Numbers

Investing in the Portugal Yield Fund II is a unique opportunity

Investment in each firm € 1.5 - 10M
Portfolio Target 6 – 10 Investments
Fund Life 8 Years (until October 2029) + 2x2 Years*
Investment Period 3 Years + 2 X 2 Year*

*optional by decision of the participants

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Golden Visa

Over 100 investors applied through investments with Iberis Capital

So far, over 100 investors have applied for the Golden Visa utilising Iberis Capital funds. The current approval rate for investors who completed the process is 100%. Our funds are the best investment vehicle for foreign citizens looking to apply to this residency by investment programme, providing a hassle-free solution with ongoing support throughout the process.

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Why Choose the Portugal Yield Fund II

We are a leading private equity team in Portugal and the right partner for you.

  • Comparatively Low Risk

    Portugal Yield Fund invests in currently yielding real estate, having a fixed asset guarantee.

    Leading PE team in Portugal

    Investing with Iberis means choosing the best private equity offer in the Portuguese market. With excellent track records, we have deep and complementary expertise.

  • Independence and Compliance

    Iberis has no connection with real estate developers, brokers, immigration agencies or law firms. We have no additional funds investing in real estate and do not perform any transactions between funds.


    Independent appraisal of assets and reputable auditors for the Fund. Transparent fee structure, with everything specified in the contract: no additional fees or income leakage to the managing society or agents.

  • Co-investment from Iberis

    2% pari passu investment from Iberis Capital on the Fund, guaranteeing complete alignment of incentives.

    Golden Visa Process Support

    We provide full process support for investors wanting to use the Portugal Yield Fund as an investment vehicle for the Portuguese Golden Visa application, guiding you every step of the way and ensuring the submission of your application.


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