Portuguese Golden Visa

Obtain European Residency Through Investment in Yielding Solutions

Golden Visa Program - What is it?

The Golden Visa is an investment based residency programme through which more than 25 000 non-EU citizens have already been granted a Portuguese residency permit. The investor and family are instantly allowed to travel to and between the 27 Schengen Area’s countries. The investment paves the way to the Portuguese Passport and EU residency.

What are its benefits

Portuguese RESIDENCY

It conveys the right to live, work, study and access healthcare anywhere in the EU.

Full Family Residency

The Portuguese legislation allows for the direct family to apply for the residency visa.

SCHENGEN Space Instant Travel

Instant free travel across the 27 EU Schengen zone countries for the investor and family.

no realocation requirement

The Portuguese Golden Visa renewal only requires a 1 week visit per annum.

PATH TO EU Citizenship

Temporary residency after 6 to 12 months and path to permanent citizenship after 5 years.

Low investment requirements

The programme has the lowest investment requirements in Europe, starting from €350.000.

Why Portugal?

Portugal is an European stable country with a long history and global outlook. It has a favourable tax regime, with low effective tax burden, free remittance of funds, no inheritance and gift tax and no wealth tax, beneficial tax treatment for pensions and other life insurance products and more than 60 double taxation treaties.

It offers a dreamy landscape, a wide coastline, a climate full of sunshine, hospitable people, and a delicious cuisine.  Better yet, it provides this high quality of life at a very affordable cost of living.  These features make Portugal a very attractive destination for international investors to invest in and obtain the right to live, work, and study in the country.

Requirements for application

Any foreign resident with no criminal record can apply to this programme.

The application to the Golden Visa programme requires the realisation of some type of investment in Portugal. The simplest and most cost-efficient solution is using an investment fund, with the minimum investment being 350.000€. This has many advantages:

  • The required value for the investment is lower (350.000€ vs 500.000€ for real estate investments).
  • It is a much more diversified investment than, for example, purchasing a property.
  • You do not need to spend any time managing your investment.
  • You also don’t need to submit any Portuguese tax returns (nor is there any withholding tax).
  • No time spent scouting property investments and dealing with the extensive paperwork of acquiring property for Golden Visa.
  • You can save up to 20% on fees and taxes in relation to a normal real estate investment.

Besides the investment in the Fund, the Beneficiary is only required to spend a minimum of 1 week per annum in Portugal. For 5 years, Investors and their families hold the resident permit visa. After 5 years, the Golden Visa beneficiary can apply for Portuguese and, consequently, EU citizenship.

Fund Requirements

In order to be eligible for the Golden Visa application, the investment fund needs to follow certain requirements:


Fund registered

under the Portuguese legislation

5 years

minimum maturity for the chosen investment


minimum capital transfer

60% of the investment

realized in commercial companies with head office in Portugal

Iberis Capital offers 2 alternative funds

that meet these requirements and can therefore support Golden Visa applications from its non-EU investors.

Portugal Yield Fund

The Portugal Yield Fund is focused on real estate backed businesses and it is oriented to cash flow generation (capital appreciation is only modeled as an upside).

in each firm
€1,5 – 10M
6 – 20 investments
Fund Life 10 years + 2 years
6 years + 2 x 1 year

The Fund seeks a diversified and transparent exposure to the Portuguese real estate. The investment strategy will be based on investing at least 80% of total assets in yield generating Real Estate assets, and the remaining 20% can be invested in other yield generating businesses with strong asset coverage (e.g. infrastructure, concessions).

This fund targets a stable annual net yield of 4-5% with low risk.

Greytech II

The Greytech II is focused on attracting the best growth and buyout opportunities in established
and innovative companies in the Portuguese mid-market.

in each firm
€3 – 10M
6 – 10 investments
Fund Life 8 years + 2 x 2 years (optional)
4 years + 2 x 2 years (optional)

The investment strategy targets acquisitions of
40-60% stakes in companies with solid track record of cash flow generation and EBITDAs of €2-5M.
In terms of investment structure, the Fund will utilize yielding senior structures, which give exposure to the upside and, at the same time, have strong downside protection.

This fund targets 15-20% returns, with annual yield and strong capital appreciation

The Portugal Yield Fund is a solution directly targeting the needs of Golden Visa investors. The focus is on being a low risk investment for the visa, while still generating attractive returns. Greytech II fund targets higher yields. For both these funds, the minimum investment is always €350.000.

We invite you to contact us and schedule a meeting where we can provide more information and find the best solution for you.

We offer end-to-end support throughout the whole process

Our process is designed in partnership with a legal team to provide a seamless and time-saving approach to any of our investors.



Document Validation

6 Months



Online Application and Immigration Appointment



Residency Card



Residency 1st renewal



Residency 2nd renewal



Citizenship Application

Year 5



Portuguese Passport holder and Full EU Citizenship

It is important to act now, due to coming changes in legislation.

The portuguese government will be issuing new legislation for the Golden Visa programme during 2021. While it is not fully known how this will impact the process and the requirements in the future (it will not affect current investors), it is advantageous that anyone who wants to apply to the programme does it now.

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