Growth and Buyout Opportunities

The Greytech II Fund focuses on growth and buyout opportunities in established and innovative companies. The Fund leverages Iberis’ origination and execution infrastructure financing operations such as partial buyouts, capacity expansions, industry consolidations and build-ups.

Investment Strategy

Greytech II

Investment Strategy

The Fund targets Portuguese Mid-Market companies with EBITDAs between 2 and 5M€, focusing on tradable sectors with growth potential, particularly industry and technology. This segment is one where capital is scarce, and scaling potential is substantial. In general, investments will target established companies with a solid cash-flow generation or significant assets and growth potential that support senior investment structures that allow strong downside protection and yielding structures.

Beyond the financial support, Iberis supports its portfolio companies in structuring their management processes and governance to ensure that growth potential is unlocked.

Greytech II

Fund Structure

Typically, the Fund will take on 40-60% stakes in companies with senior equity or debt-equity hybrid instruments that confer downside protection while securing a preferred return. The Fund targets a portfolio of 6 to 10 investments with tickets ranging between 3M€ and 10M€.


Targeting companies with solid cash-flow generation or significant assets and growth potential.

Investment in each firm €3M - €10M
Portfolio Target 6 – 10 Investments
Fund Life 8 years (until January 2029) + 2 X 2 years*
Investment Period 4 years + 2 x 2 years*

*optional by decision of the participants

Solid Performance


Greytech I was the predecessor of the current Greytech II. It has achieved a stellar performance so far, following a similar investment strategy.

  • 2018

    Inception year

  • 17%

    Distributions as % of fund capital

  • 52%

    Current IRR

  • 2,4x

    Current MoM

Superlative performance
Why choose Iberis

An advantageous solution

Over 450 investors trust Iberis Capital due to our unique approach, complete independence and transparency.

  • Defensive Investment Structure

    The Fund executes deals with solid downside protection.

  • Differentiated Investor Base

    The Greytech II fund has private and institutional investors.

  • Reputable Managing Society

    One of the best private equity teams in Portugal with extensive and complementary experience.

  • Conflict of Interests

    Strict policies limit conflicts of interest, with no transactions between funds or co-investments that are not pari passu.

  • Alignment of Incentives

    Partners have the majority of their net worth invested into Iberis Capital funds, guaranteeing complete alignment of incentives.

  • Transparency

    Transparent fee structure. No additional fees or income leakage to the managing society or agents beyond the ones specified in the investment agreement.


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